Australia in vietnam war essay

Hire Writer The Australian government feared the idea of communism overtaking their nation, this fear lead to the decision of forcing their young men to be conscripted to join the war in South Vietnam. Conscription was a tremendous issue for the families of the young men who fought in the war because many males were being conscripted sent into the Vietnam War without any choice or opinion. As Australia got involved the war, the conscription has leaded to the depressions and social divisions in the Australian society. Paragraph two The purpose of the second Indo-China war of conscription was to avoid communism spreading to Australia.

Australia in vietnam war essay

Prior to World War II, the Australian government still looked to London for leadership, diplomatic guidance and, when necessary, military protection. This reliance was undermined by the events of World War II. Australian confidence was particularly rattled by three events, all in February It became apparent that Britain was incapable and perhaps unwilling to assist with the defence of Australia.

This prompted the Australian government, then led by prime minister John Curtin, to initiate a fundamental shift in Australian foreign policy. Without cutting its ties with Britain, Canberra began to draw closer to the United States, now a more formidable power in the Pacific region. In AprilCurtin placed all Australian military units under the command of an American general, Douglas Macarthur.

This close co-operation continued after the war. Under the terms of ANZUS, if one of the three signatories was attacked for a foreign power, the others were required to assist. Robert Menzies, the prime minister of Australia from to Like its new ally America, Australia had also been subject to anti-communist scares and hysteria.

Though its membership was never large, the CPA was a prominent and outspoken group. In the late s, a period of social and economic unrest, Australia was disrupted by several major strikes. The conservative press and politicians blamed these strikes on the CPA, which they blamed for industrial destabilisation.

In December Menzies became prime minister after a decisive election victory. The following year he attempted to ban the CPA, declaring it an illegal organisation.

It also sought to maintain and strengthen its wartime ties with the US. The first package was in the region of three million pounds, the largest portion of which went to Saigon.

Australia in vietnam war essay

This aid package received widespread support in Australia, both from the general population and both sides of politics. By placing Diem on a pedestal, the Australian government and media were clearly aligning themselves with the United States.

While Diem was being celebrated, the Australian media demonised those who opposed him. The leaders of North Vietnam and South Vietnamese insurgents were painted in simple terms as communists. There was very little complex analysis of their background or political goals.

An editorial from the Bulletin magazine was typically dismissive: In June Sergeant William Hacking became the first Australian serviceman to die in Vietnam, after an accidental weapon discharge. Despite these losses, the Menzies government remained committed to assisting South Vietnam for up to ten years — but this support, they said, would remain focused on training and logistics.

In November Menzies told Australians that the build-up of communist forces and increases in attacks by communist insurgents required a stronger response in Vietnam.

These conscripts would serve a minimum of two years with the Australian Army, during which time they may be deployed in Vietnam. Menzies hoped to raise 8, troops each year via the National Service program.

In April Menzies announced the dispatch of the first Australian combat troops to Vietnam. Opinion polling suggests a significant majority of Australians supported this decision.

Menzies retired from politics in earlyaged 72, and was replaced by his deputy leader Harold Holt. Lyndon Johnson embarked on a reciprocal visit in Octoberthe first visit to Australia by a serving US president. Johnson was welcomed in Australia by enormous crowds. For the most part, it seemed the US-Australian alliance had never been stronger.

The media reacted to growing middle class disenchantment with the war. They did not initiate or promote anti-war feeling; they reflected and fed off it… In time, editors published reports and photos safe in the knowledge their readers were now receptive to anti-war coverage.

In December prime minister Harold Holt disappeared while swimming at Portsea; Holt was never found and he was presumed drowned. Gorton became increasingly concerned about the lack of consultation between Washington and Canberra.

In Marchwhen Lyndon Johnson halted the bombing of North Vietnam and announced his decision not to stand for re-election, Gorton only found out from media reports.A collection of history essays regarding Australia in the Vietnam era, Australian soldiers in World War One, changing rights and freedoms, Charles Perkins and women in the 's.

# # australia # changing # charles # era # essay # freedom # history # modern # perkins # rights # soldier # soldiers # vietnam # women # ww1Reviews: Australia’s Involvement in the Vietnam War By Taylor, Aleisha and Alec.

There were two important reasons for Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War: 1. Fear of Communism 2. Obligations to Allies Fear of Communism In the period following WWII there was a .

Social, Economic and Political Effects of the controversial Vietnam War had a huge impact on Australian society in the 's/'s. It affected all aspects of society, such as the social, economic and political issues. Vietnam was known as a /5(9). Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War “The decision to send an Australian infantry battalion to Vietnam is a grave one; these are inescapable obligations which fall on us because of our position, treaties and friendship.

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The Vietnam War which went from to involved America and its allies, including Australia, aiming to prevent South Vietnam from an invasion by the communist North Vietnaese.

There were many key reasons for Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War.

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