Biological asset defintion 1

Development Management 13 The practice of delivering the right development, in the right location, at the right time. It includes the conceptualisation and optimisation of a development strategy, following through the various stages in the development project to achieve the completed project and meeting pre-defined cost, value and time budgets.

Biological asset defintion 1

Parenthetical references following the terms in quotation marks i. Information that allows access to encrypted technology or encrypted software in an unencrypted form. Examples include decryption keys, network access codes, and passwords.

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It is defined as the maximum deviation, positive or negative, of an indicated value from an accepted standard or true value. Active flight control systems. Cat 6 - A minimum single element of the solid state array that has a photoelectric transfer function when exposed to light electromagnetic radiation.

Cat 2 - A control system that adjusts the response from conditions detected during the operation Ref. Appropriate acting Assistant Secretary, Deputy Assistant Secretary or equivalent strength of any agency or department may serve in lieu of the Assistant Secretary of the concerned agency or department.

Such representatives, regardless of rank, will speak and vote on behalf of their agencies Biological asset defintion 1 departments. The ACEP may invite Assistant Secretary-level representatives of other Government agencies or departments other than those identified above to participate in the activities of the ACEP when matters of interest to such agencies or departments are under consideration.

Decisions are made by majority vote. Agricultural commodities include food including processed food ; feed; fish; shellfish and fish products; beer, wine and spirits; livestock; fiber including cotton, wool and other fibers; tobacco and tobacco products; wood and wood products; seeds; fertilizer and organic fertilizer; reproductive materials such as fertilized eggs, embryos and semen.

For the purposes of the EARagricultural commodities do not include furniture made from wood; clothing manufactured from plant or animal materials; agricultural equipment whether hand tools or motorized equipment ; pesticides, insecticides, or herbicides; or cosmetics unless derived entirely from plant materials.

This definition of agricultural commodities includes fertilizer and organic fertilizer, as listed in section of the Agriculture, Rural DevelopmentFood and Drug Administrationand Related Agencies Appropriations Act Act Public Law and commodities listed in section of the Agricultural Trade Act of 7 U.

These items do not fall within the scope of section of the Agricultural Trade Act, but are treated as agricultural commodities for the purposes of License Exception AGR.

For purposes of License Exception AGR and export license applications to Iran and Sudan under the licensing procedures set forth in the appropriate regulations promulgated and administered by Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control, agricultural commodities only include those that are classified as EAR Cat 1, 6, 7, and 9 - A fixed wing, swivelwing, rotary wing helicoptertilt rotor or tilt-wing airborne vehicle.

Any person engaged primarily in the transport of persons or property by aircraft for compensation or hire, pursuant to authorization by the U.

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Government or a foreign government. Cat 2 and 9 A power-driven airborne vehicle that is kept buoyant by a body of gas usually helium, formerly hydrogen which is lighter than air. Cat 2 means after all feasible measures available to the manufacturer to minimize all systematic positioning errors for the particular machine-tool model or measuring errors for the particular coordinate measuring machine are considered.

Allocated by the ITU. Cat 3 and Cat 5 part 1 - The allocation of frequency bands according to the current edition of the ITU Radio Regulations for primary, permitted and secondary services.

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Additional and alternative allocations are not included. Cat 7 The angular error buildup with time that is due to white noise in angular rate. Cat 2 - The maximum difference between angular position and the actual, very accurately measured angular position after the workpiece mount of the table has been turned out of its initial position.

The person who applies for an export or reexport licenseand who has the authority of a principal party in interest to determine and control the export or reexport of items. Cat 5 means a cryptographic algorithm using different, mathematically-related keys for encryption and decryption.

The countries participating in the Australia Group have agreed to adopt harmonized controls on certain dual-use chemicals i. Countries participating in the Australia Group as of November 1,include: Cat 5P2 Verifying the identity of a user, process or device, often as a prerequisite to allowing access to resources in an information system.

This includes verifying the origin or content of a message or other information, and all aspects of access control where there is no encryption of files or text except as directly related to the protection of passwords, Personal Identification Numbers PINs or similar data to prevent unauthorized access.

AES is a nationwide system operational at all ports and for all methods of transportation through which export shipment data required by multiple agencies is filed electronically to U.

AES allows the export information to be collected electronically and edited immediately. Cat 6 - A processing technique that automatically determines and provides as output an extrapolated value of the most probable position of the target in real time.

Means any of the following: Basic gate propagation delay time. The common hardware and software architecture; b.

The common design and process technology ; and c. The common basic characteristics. GTN - Experimental or theoretical work undertaken principally to acquire new knowledge of the fundamental principles of phenomena or observable facts, not primarily directed towards a specific practical aim or objective.

The contract of carriage and receipt for items, issued by the carrier. It includes an air waybill, but does not include an inland bill of lading or a domestic air waybill covering movement to port only. As applied to encryption itemsmeans a unit of a business which, whether or not separately incorporated, has:Definition of asset: Any item of economic value owned by an individual or corporation, especially that which could be converted to cash.

Examples are.

Biological asset defintion 1

Abandonment. The surrender, relinquishment, disclaimer, or cession of property or of rights. Voluntary relinquishment of all right, title, claim, and possession, with the intention of not reclaiming it.

The Facts about Military Readiness. The reduction in forces of the U.S. armed forces began in the early s. After the end of the Cold War, the Bush Administration began to reduce the size of.

Commenting on this this appointment, David Macdonald, Sales and Marketing Director, VAM Funds, said, "I am absolutely delighted to have secured the services of David and have him join our team. Protected Class Law and Legal Definition The first civil rights laws protected only race and color.

As the principle of discrimination evolved over the years more laws were passed and more groups were added. View Notes - Topic 5 Biological Asset from LAW at University of Malaya.

Biological asset defintion 1

Chapter 5 BIOLOGICAL ASSETS MFRS 1 Syllabus Definition Initial Recognition Initial Measurement Subsequent%(1).

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