Cmns assignment 1

You will compile an electronic portfolio e-Portfolio comprised of evidence that demonstrate three key concepts from Unit 7 and Unit 8 of the course. You will discuss, within the introduction and conclusion of your paper, how these concepts relate to one another and how they contribute to the overall effectiveness of communication processes within an organization.

Cmns assignment 1

Student Services Overview Many people working in journalism, public relations and other communications fields need to Cmns assignment 1 able to understand how statistics are used in order to present information and frame arguments.

This course is designed for those who want to become critical consumers of statistical evidence. It emphasizes a conceptual rather than a computational approach to learning statistics.

Cmns assignment 1

Using examples taken from popular media, the course explains how people use and abuse statistics for purposes of persuasion and influence. Outline There are eight units in the course. The history of statistics, the importance of studying statistics, and the scope, structure and mechanics of the course.

The Significance of Sampling Sampling procedures used to draw appropriate samples in order to make reliable and valid statements about populations; learn to evaluate the results of surveys and polls.

Understanding Scientific Experiments Introduction to experimental designs and their implications for making causal statements; recognizing elements of bias in designs.

Measurement A focus on the reliability and validity of the numbers generated in research. Making informed judgements about reported conclusions based on numbers.

Understanding Relationships Relationships between measures, or variables; understand the results of multiple-variable research and the validity of related conclusions.

Conclusions with Confidence Methods for drawing formal conclusions from data, making informed judgements about the use and abuse of inferential techniques.

Unit 8 summarizes the course. Evaluation You will be evaluated in four different ways for this course: Each of the six exercise assignments is worth six per cent of your final grade, for a total of 36 per cent.

Each of the two essay assignments is worth 10 per cent of your final grade. The first essay is due after you have finished Unit 4, and the second after you have finished Unit 8. There are also three tests and a comprehensive final examination.

The twenty-item multiple-choice tests will be sent to you by your tutor after you have finished Units 4, 6 and 8. These tests are open book, and are worth four per cent each, for a total of 12 per cent of your grade. The final examination, worth 32 per cent of your final grade, will evaluate your knowledge of all of the materials in this course.

You will have three hours in which to write the final examination. The examination is closed book, and consists of a combination of multiple-choice and short-essay questions.Meets Medicare requirements for assignment of benefits, ABNs, delivery tickets, physicians’ orders and CMNs.

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For a review of memo . You are allowed one (1) unexcused absence in this class and two absences total if at least one of those absences is excused.

An excused absence is documented in terms of medical illness/emergency, family illness/emergency, required by a court of law, a religious holiday, or university business.

Sylvia Roberts Liaison Librarian for Communication September 10, CMNS Research for Creator Assignment. Assignment criteria. Choose a sound recording artist, actor, director, writer (screenwriter, blogger, conventional author), or composer.

NOTE: For this assignment, stick to published sources of statistical data that you can access for free through the SFU Library. Raw data is seldom available without paying a fee. SFU's Research Data Library does provide access to raw data that requires the use of statistical analysis software, like SPSS, to create meaning from the numbers.

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