Collateral the movie

The movie is a minute slow motion car crash where every single choice is ill-conceived, cheaply played, painfully obvious, and totally disingenuous.

Collateral the movie

Plot[ edit ] Max Durocher Jamie Foxxa meticulous Los Angeles cab driver, is working to earn enough to start his own limousine business. One of the evening's fares is U. On the drive to her office, they strike up a conversation and Annie gives Max her business card.

Max's next fare is Vincent Tom Cruise. Impressed by Max's skill at navigating L. As Max waits at the first stop, a corpse falls onto his car. Vincent reveals himself as a hitmanand the body is one of his five targets. He forces Max to hide the body in the trunk and continue driving.

At the second stop, Vincent restrains Max to the steering wheel with cable ties. Max attracts the attention of a group of young men and asks them for help, but two of them rob him and take Vincent's briefcase. Collateral the movie then offers to buy Max a drink at a jazz club he likes.

At the club, Vincent engages the owner Daniel Barry Shabaka Henley in conversation, then unexpectedly kills him in front of Max. Max asks Vincent to let him go, but Vincent threatens to kill him if he refuses to obey. Max's boss, who has been hectoring him over the radio, informs Max that his mother Ida Irma P.

Hall is trying to reach him.

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Learning of Max's nightly visits to his hospitalized mother, Vincent insists that Max does not break his routine. At the hospital, Ida proudly tells Vincent that Max has his own limousine company, revealing that Max has been lying to her.

Overwhelmed, Max leaves, taking Vincent's briefcase containing files on his targets, and tosses it onto a freeway. Vincent forces Max to meet drug lord Felix Reyes-Torrena Javier Bardem to obtain information on his last two marks, threatening to murder Ida otherwise.

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Max, posing as Vincent, successfully acquires the information, but Felix orders his men to kill "Vincent" if he does not complete the job. Max heads with Vincent to the next target, Peter Lim, who is at a nightclub. Pedrosa identifies the victims as witnesses in a federal grand jury indicting Felix the following day.

Pedrosa assembles a force to secure Lim. At the nightclub Vincent manages to kill all of Felix's hitmen, Lim's bodyguards and Lim himself, then leaves the club. Fanning rescues Max and smuggles him outside, but is killed by Vincent, who beckons Max back into the cab.

Following their getaway, the two trade insulting psychological summaries of each other's life. Vincent mocks Max for his lack of ambition, while Max berates Vincent for his inability to understand other people.

Aware that Vincent intends to kill him, Max deliberately crashes the cab, but both survive and Vincent escapes. A police officer arrives to help, but sees the corpse in the trunk and tries to apprehend Max.

During the arrest, Max sees Vincent's open laptop, which reveals that Annie is his final target.

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He overpowers the police officer, takes Vincent's gun that was lost in the wreck, and rushes toward Annie's office building. Max uses Vincent's gun to steal a bystanders phone, and then uses the business card from earlier to call Annie and warn her of Vincent's approach.Collateral The film follows Max, a taxi driver who faces with a dangerous situation when he meets Vincent.

Firstly, Max thinks he is lucky when Vincent recommends several hundered dollars to him if he agrees to drop off, wait, and pick up Vincent at five different places in the evening.

However, Max soon finds Vincent is a murder and he attempts to save himself and the last victim. Feb 12,  · Watch video · London detectives investigating the seemingly random murder of a pizza delivery man uncover a convoluted case of interlocking circumstances amid a /10(K).

Aug 06,  · "Collateral" opens with Tom Cruise exchanging briefcases with a stranger in an airport. Then, intriguingly, it seems to turn into another movie. We meet a cab driver named Max (Jamie Foxx), who picks up a ride named Annie (Jada Pinkett Smith)/5. Collateral is such a fantastic film.

Michael Mann is brilliant in his direction, the cast is phenomenal, bringing serious life to its characters, and the story is simple, yet exhilarating.

Collateral the movie

Collateral Beauty () Full Movie Online on Fmovies. Watch Collateral Beauty () Online free In HD - Retreating from life after a tragedy, a man questions. Collateral IMDb 57 min/episode London detectives investigating the seemingly random murder of a pizza delivery man uncover a convoluted case of interlocking circumstances amid a .

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