Could ww1 have been avoided essay

Robert Whaples 1 Shop at Amazon. Bookmark the above link and you can support the Institute when you do your normal shopping! The general view seems to be that Trump is crazy for questioning the inevitability and justness of the slaughter. Of course, everyone knows that had Lincoln not attacked the South, slavery would exist today, right?

Could ww1 have been avoided essay

Could WWII have been avoided? Part I — A neglected aspect of 20th-century history Salvador Allende In November,the important American liberal weekly The Nation published a most interesting article by Ariel Dorfman, the distinguished Chilean writer and longtime exile and opponent of the Pinochet dictatorship.

The latter had recently attended a conference of solidarity with the Czech resistance to the Soviet occupation, which the Chilean Socialists had refused to attend. To Grass, this made the Chilean Socialist position in all the more disgraceful, and spoiled what was to have been a friendly and mutually admiring personal meeting.

For Dorfman there were numerous other meetings in the seventies with democratic leftist exiles from the Soviet Union and its East European satellites. How to build a democratic society with parties that were self-perpetuating and prone to totalizing, as suffocating as the catacombs we were hiding in?

I was a second year high school student in July,when the military uprising of July 18 initiated the month Spanish Civil War. Throughout that war I was among the thousands of American teenagers who supported the several committees of secular liberals, protestants, Jews, Quakers, socialists, and communists who were advocating American political support, and collecting funds to send medical supplies and food to the Republican zone.

My Communist older brother was hoping at this same time to recruit me to join the Young Communist League. But in August, Stalin staged the first of the incredible treason trials in which major leaders of the Bolshevik revolution confessed their plots to kill Stalin, to turn over the Soviet Union to Nazi Germany and militaristic Japanand to commit other heinous crimes.

Between August and the fall ofwhen Stalin himself suggested that the purges had been slightly excessive, thousands of loyal Soviet citizens, communists and non-communists alike, were either executed or exiled to Siberian concentration camps.

During those same two years I doubted increasingly whether I would ever join the Communist Party. But also, I and a great many leftists all over the world, did not desert the Spanish Republic because the most powerful single member of the Bolshevik government was a paranoid monster.

During the discussion I asked him how he could justify saving a party publication by using money collected solely in the name of the committee on medical aid to Spain. He replied with an embarrassed smile that the two aims were part of the same cause.

The group agreed to postpone a vote on the motion. Seventy-five years later I honestly cannot remember what decision was eventually made, but after that meeting I knew with full certainty that I would never join the CP. I have not space here to speak of the Communist policies of which I approved in relation to the Spanish Civil War, policies of which I was also reminded while reading the essay by Ariel Dorfman.

But the monster Stalin, with whom the Western powers desperately cooperated in order to save themselves in World War II, had in fact proposed from until a defensive alliance which I believe could have avoided World War II, at least in the form that it occurred.

I promise to treat that question in my next article. Part II — A second neglected aspect In my article published on February 11 concerning the dilemmas of Western democratic Leftists in their relations with Communist parties, I promised to treat in my next article a Communist effort of which I thoroughly approved: The great majority of books on twentieth-century history treat the period from to as one of unremitting rivalry between Soviet communism and Western capitalist democracy, a rivalry suspended from mid to mid by the need of both parties to defend themselves against Nazi-Fascist-Japanese military aggression.

The absence of their own dreamed-of world revolution, and the development of strongly nationalist authoritarian governments in much of Europe between Mussolini and Hitlerhad led the Soviets to reconsider their attitude toward the capitalist world.

Instead of characterizing it simply as an enemy to be destroyed, they distinguished between authoritarian and racist governments, and those which had genuine parliaments with clean elections, and middle classes which were willing to recognize the rights of trade unions and of Marxist parties.World war 2 as we know might have been avoided, but a second and bigger war than World War 1 was inevitable, we haven't mentioned yet how utterly evil Stalin's ambitions were, for instance.

He would have moved west to . could the holocaust have been prevented?

Could ww1 have been avoided essay

You have probably heard about a period of time, not so long ago, known as 'The Holocaust.' A holocaust, according to Webster's dictionary, is 'a complete destruction by fire' (Stadtler, 1). However, it is now highly believed that the First World War could have been avoided and that the most probable reason for its break out was the rise to power of Germany, which was obviously hard to take by the people of Great Britain, who feared for .

There are conflicting views on this topic as the subject is a complex one. However, it is true that it was a war that could have been avoided. It can be argued that WW1 was inevitable in the circumstances, but if we look at the very root cause of the war was limited and could have been controlled.

Sep 30,  · could ww1 have been avoided essay 5 Major Treaties & Alliances in the Build Up to World War One - Duration: Made From History , views. This whole war could have been prevented if the United States joined in with the League of Nations.

Another way that war could have been prevented is the Treaty of Versailles being easier on Germany, and if some countries just got some land.

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