Editorial writing about pdaf tagalog translator

The New Testament discusses the teachings and person of Jesus, as well as events in first-century Christianity, Christians regard both the Old and New Testaments together as sacred scripture. The New Testament has frequently accompanied the spread of Christianity around the world and it reflects and serves as a source for Christian theology and morality. Both extended readings and phrases directly from the New Testament are also incorporated into the various Christian liturgies, the New Testament has influenced religious, philosophical, and political movements in Christendom and left an indelible mark on literature, art, and music.

Editorial writing about pdaf tagalog translator

Tito Sotto is not a woman. Going by certain types of definition, he is what would probably pass for a man. And so this one man has taken it upon himself to decide on the options that could be made available to a certain kind of woman in his country.

editorial writing about pdaf tagalog translator

No, not the kind of woman that his former beauty queen and actress wife Helen Gamboa would belong with. No, not Helen who has had 4 children and who-knows how many number of maids and yayas to help her with their upbringing.

Not Helen who at 70 can still easily pass off for someone at least a decade younger. And no, not even the likes of his youngest daughter Ciara, who after having one child with her husband of 5 years, has just recently left him to go back to the loving arms and comfortable life of her parents.

Helen and Ciara are the kind of women that have been born and raised knowing that they have options. Tito Sotto has instead decided on the options that can be made available to women like Elvie Ubod. Yes, Elvie Ubod, who at 40 years old is pregnant with her 10th child.

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Elvie does not want any more children. Elvie and her husband simply cannot afford to feed and send their children off to school on this income and thus would have to rely on free contraceptives to ward off any more unwanted pregnancies. Between a packet of contraceptives and a bag of rice, guess what they would use their precious few pesos on instead.

Talk about having options. But Tito Sotto does not want women like Elvie Ubod to get free contraceptives from the Philippine government. And then there is 26 year old Analesa Palanga, who just recently got a free birth control implant, a small plastic rod the size of a matchstick that releases the hormone progestin which in turn suppresses ovulation and can help prevent pregnancies for up to 3 years.

But Tito Sotto does not want women like Analesa Palanga to get any more free birth control implants from the Philippine government.

But she has turned her back on women like Elvie Ubod and Analesa Palanga. No wonder her colleague Pia Cayetano finds it hard to trust her anymore. Tito Sotto is a man. Loren Legarda is a woman. Some kind of man and woman they both are. In the words of former health secretary Dr.Search for Writing & Translation freelancers with popular skills like: writing, editing, english.

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