Employee selection in india is a process of elimination not evaluation

Administration staff to collate all resumes and give to HR department. HR to read over position description and advertisements. HR reads all internal applications and completes the short-list chart.

Employee selection in india is a process of elimination not evaluation

Please read day Supporting Statement for the details.

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Form GA is now used only for deferred action requests for certain enlistees and designated family members of certain military personnel, veterans, and enlistees.

Stakeholders may review and comment on the revised policy guidance through Nov. Mails and Potential Impact on U.

Employee selection in india is a process of elimination not evaluation

Mail Services There is no official annoucement from the U. Postal Services, but it is obvious that the USPS stations may pay more attention to the package mails due to the ongoing bomb threat mails in the country. This may or may not affect immigration stakeholders filing mails delivery time one way or another.

Accordingly, those mailing last minute filings should pay additional attention to their processing time of immigration cases. There is no information about its impacts on private delivery services, but this is the time when immigration cases are filed sufficiently ahead of the deadlines such that they do not experience nightmares.

Applications that do not have these required data fields completed will be deemed incomplete, and employers will not be permitted to submit the application until corrected. The iCERT system will continue to issue system warnings on missing data fields and list any mandatory or conditionally mandatory fields which must be completed prior to submission at the final checks page.

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OFLC is undergoing some changes with the temporary and permanent labor certification application programs. Invest immigration stakeholders may learn update about this program and prospects ahead. It is interesting that the USCIS has been made himself available for various immigration stakeholder conferences but for some key immigration law stakeholder entities, including American Immigration Lawyers Association.

Cissna for expanding his interactions with immigration stakeholder entities and offering opportunities through such immigration stakeholders meetings to peek through his policy direction ahead and focus of the USCIS initiatives in various areas of immigration issues.

Earlier proposal was to achieve efficient and effective management of selection "process" and had no other purposes. However, the new proposed rule by current USCIS adds additional purpose for registration requirement for H-1B annual cap selection process. The new proposal may include a modified selection process, as outlined in section 5 b of Executive OrderBuy American and Hire American.

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The details have yet to be disclosed as to how the USCIS will achieve it, but such change will lead to further narrowing high-tech foreign degree workers' chances for H-1B cap selection which they have already encountered over the years. Depending on the medium which such rule will adopt, there can develop a conflict between the OPT community and foreign workers in non-OPT community and in foreign countries.

For instance, there was a lawsuit not too long ago which were brought by foreign workers in the United States, mostly OPTs, who challenged the current H-1B cap rule that selected the candidates only from the foreign workers who submitted the cap petitions only during the specific cap seasons.

The lawsuit advocated that H-1B cap selection system should recognize "priority dates" and those who submitted and failed, for instance, in last year's cap selection should be given priority in the next year's selection based on the concept of "priority dates"concept in the immigration green card selection system.

The lawsuit eventually failed, but had the petitioner won in the lawsuit, OPTs who applied during the last year H-1B cap season and failed should be able to be selected this year ahead of others who applied during this cap season, because they submitted last year but failed to be selected.

Should such "priority date" concept be adopted in the H-1B cap selection system, as readers may be able to easily understand it, the OPTs could be able to take most of the cap numbers this year and next several years since they will be able to keep staying and working in this country until the next H-1B cap selection seasons, while other workers, particularly those in foreign countries, would not be able to use such priority date system since the sponsoring employers would not necessarily offer such H-1B employment to them during the next cap seasons.

Sooner or later, we will find out what medium the new proposed rule will propose to achieve the goal. As part of these policy focuses, he has explained somewhat in details his late restrictive immigration policy changes. Readers should review this statement to learn where and why he has been heading in immigration policy changes.

No further details have been provided, but considering the fact that one of the USCIS rule-making agenda for November included the final rule for EB-5 Modernization Program, the teleconference may be related to the rule-making feed-backs. Accordingly, the immigration stakeholders involved in EB-5 immigrant investment program may not miss this teleconference.

To register for this session, please follow the steps below: The final rule amended DHS regulations by extending eligibility for employment authorization to certain H-4 dependent spouses of H-1B nonimmigrants who are seeking employment-based lawful permanent resident status.

In order to improve U. Such initiatives will include a proposed rule that would establish an electronic registration program for H-1B petitions subject to annual numerical limitations and would improve the H-1B numerical limitation allocation process Registration Requirement for Petitioners Seeking to File H-1B Petitions on Behalf of Aliens Subject to Numerical Limitations ; and a proposed rule that would revise the definition of specialty occupation to increase focus on truly obtaining the best and brightest foreign nationals via the H-1B program and would revise the definition of employment and employer-employee relationship to help better protect U.

USCIS will propose regulations guiding the inadmissibility determination whether an alien is likely at any time to become a public charge under section a 4 of the Immigration and Nationality Act. Inadmissibility on Public Charge Grounds. Additionally, USCIS will propose to update its biometrics regulations to eliminate multiple references to specific biometric types, and to allow for the expansion of the types of biometrics required to establish and verify an identity.asp notes - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online.

"Employee Selection In India Is A Process Of Elimination And Not An Evaluation" Essays and Research Papers Employee Selection In India Is A Process Of Elimination And Not An Evaluation “ Selection is a highly subjective and inexact process ”.

The Elimination Process Working the Evaluation-List Evaluation Resources • Getting to the Short-List point for the selection process. To create the Long-List, you will want to consider of individuals to talk to include other employees, Board of Directors members, customers, suppliers, competitors, friends and relatives.

For me, evaluating a proposal is a process of elimination, not a process of selection. That happens later. That happens later. When you start your proposal, don’t focus on getting selected, instead WRITE A PROPOSAL THAT CANNOT BE ELIMINATED!

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Employee selection in india is a process of elimination not evaluation
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