Government should give unemployment allowance to the unemployed people till they get a job

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Government should give unemployment allowance to the unemployed people till they get a job

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Before proceeding, let us first understand how and in what way EPF contribution will be considered for interest rate calculation. If it is more than Rs. Below table will give you how your as well as employer contribution will be distributed if your salary is less than or equal to Rs.

Government should give unemployment allowance to the unemployed people till they get a job

But if it is more than Rs. Below are a few options which usually followed. But do remember that whatever below option your employer may choose but EPS contribution is fixed as 8. Option 1-Employer may contribute equal to your contribution. Option 2-Employer may restrict its share to Rs.

Option 3-Employer may restrict your as well as its contribution to Rs. Let us take an example that Mr. Below is the table which illustrates the calculation method.

The above balance at year end of Rs. A few points to be noted— Contributions will be shown by your employer based on the salary due.

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For example, September month salary will be payable on October. So the September month contribution will be shown as a contribution against October but not in September.

Whether the payment will be in October month or not. Interest will be rounded off to a nearest rupee.

Note-Do you know these recent changes in EPF rules?There are more people in work than ever before, real wages are up for the eighth month in a row and , more disabled people are in work since Seven promises for those struggling with unemployment -- including promises for those unfairly laid off, and for those whose mistakes caused their unemployment.

The Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India, has recently made a few amendments in the Employees’ Provident Fund Scheme, (PF Scheme)..

These guidelines are mainly related to ‘ early withdrawals ‘ from Provident Fund & provisions related to PF withdrawals. These latest EPF withdrawal rules are effective from 10th February, Government Should Give Unemployment Allowance To The Unemployed People Till They Get A Job.

Introduction “Unemployment is a situation where people of a country are willing to work, able to work but cannot find jobs.”Officially unemployment is defined as the situation of being without work, wanting work, and actively seeking work. It is usually measured as a percentage of the people in the.

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Yes, It should be kept, put yourself in their shoes!

Regularly waiting 2 hours on the phone to talk to someone at Centrelink should give you an indication of just how much they care about the unemployed. the less qualifications required for a job, the more people you get spamming applications. I do get a little annoyed when people say "change this change this cos this is bad" and then.

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