Living in texas vs louisiana essay

Folktales from Louisiana Introduction A basic principle in the study of folklore and anthropology is that in order to understand a cultural feature, one must understand the context in which it exists. Therefore, to understand a basket, dance, song, ritual, or story, one must know about the maker, dancer, singer, practitioner, or teller.

Living in texas vs louisiana essay

Tips for choosing assisted living Learn what you can do to help them help you. Get the checklist SeniorAdvisor.

Living in texas vs louisiana essay

Assisted living communities in Louisiana, Indiana, Alabama, and Texas tend to be rated higher than the national average, whereas communities in New Mexico, and North Carolina, and Colorado tend to be rated lower. The states with the most assisted living providers are California, Texas, and Florida.

View a glossary of assisted living industry terms. No single description can paint a complete picture of what assisted living is. One community may look like a modern high-rise apartment building. Another might look like a quiet suburban townhome community. Still another may resemble a resort hotel or a country club.

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But we can make some generalizations. Seniors who live in assisted living communities typically will have their own private apartment-style living quarters, with convenient shared services on-site and nearby. Services usually include meals, social and recreational activities, and varying levels therapeutic and medical assistance.

There is no single national standard that defines what assisted living communities must provide. Providers are licensed at the state level, so the requirements of what it takes to offer assisted living services varies from state to state.

Just as you would with any product or service you buy, ask any provider you are considering what is included with the basic monthly fees and what services are available at extra cost.

Living in texas vs louisiana essay

Some senior-focused communities say that they offer the complete continuum of care, from independent living to hour skilled nursing care. If independent living is at one end of the continuum, and full-time skilled nursing care at the other, you might deduce—correctly—that assisted living is in between the two.

If you ask US seniors what is most important to them, maintaining as much independence as possible is a nearly universal answer.

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As we age, we might remain largely healthy and vigorous, yet still find one or more of the ADLs increasingly difficult to manage on our own. Sometimes a spouse, family member or friend is able to help us.

But if not, should skilled nursing care should be the only alternative? In hindsight, it seems obvious it should not. Yet, before assisted living was developed, those were basically the options. You will hear the term continuum of care used most often in the context of senior living communities that include separate but adjacent sections offering independent living, assisted living, and hour skilled nursing care.

These appeal to seniors and their loved ones who know that the senior adult can remain within one community setting and maintain the optimal balance of independence and assistance as time goes on.

How much does assisted living cost? The cost of assisted living is typically billed monthly. Many communities offer tiered pricing, so that residents who need or want fewer services can pay less, with costs increasing as more services are included.

Those who are now living independently but explore assisted living as a potential option for the future often find that the cost seems high. But they usually are not making an apples-to-apples comparison.Get a graphical comparison report on the cost of living, taxes, expenses, quality of life, climate, education, and other factors between any two states.

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The second-largest state in the Union by area, Texas has a varied landscape, both in terms of terrain and cost of living. To get a sense of the overall cost of living in Texas, we took a look at state-wide metrics and individual cities.

May 24,  · When Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana wanted to sell his plan to replace his state’s income tax with a higher sales tax, he pointed to Texas as both the problem and the solution.

Dallas home with living room pool headed for auction Texas vs. Louisiana: Which is the better state? when U.S. and Spanish military commanders signed an agreement declaring disputed. Sep 24,  · Whether one examines the architectural landscape of the towns and cities, examines the art and music or simply talks with many of the German descendants living in Texas, one must immediately acknowledge the significant influence the German people have had on the development of Texas as known today.

Texas and Louisiana are two different areas in the United States to live that have many diverse ways of living. Between both states, Texas is easier to live in than Louisiana because of the differences in culture, economy, and climate.

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