Long question cbse xii

Take some carbon compounds naphthalene,camphor, alcohol one by one on a spatula and burn them.

Long question cbse xii

It is the most continuous range 11 ii.

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Consisting of the loftiest peaks with an average height of metres. The folds are asymmetrical in nature. Composed of granite v.

It is perennially snow bound. They depend on rainfall. They depend on rainfall as well as on melting of snow.

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People do not have any rights. Any other relevant point.

Marks – Duration – 3 hrs. 1. Weightage by type of questions Type Number of questions Marks Total Estimated time a candidate is expected to take to answer Long answer questions 6 6 36 60 minutes. Starting a CBSE SCHOOL in India. A school can be started from Kindergarten to Class XII or to any of the classes in between. School in India has to function as a “NOT FOR PROFIT”, only a not for profit Society / Trust or a Section 8 company. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) successfully conducted the Secondary Examination (Class 10) and Higher Secondary Examination (Class 12) for the session year - 18 in the month of Feb-March.

Leaders keep changing in a democracy. This leads to instability. Democracy leads to corruption for it is based on electoral competition. Elected leaders do not know the best interest of the people.

Long question cbse xii

It leads to wrong decisions. It delays decision making process. Any three points to be explained. They import the needed resources. Human occupations are classified into three categories 1. Manufacturing industry, building construction work etc.

Transport, Communication, Commerce, Administration and other services such as teaching, medical etc. The Jacobin government under Robespierre abolished monarchy and declared France as a Republic, a form of government where people elect the government, including the Head of the State.

He followed a policy of severe control and punishment. Examples of his policies, like maximum ceiling on wages and prices and rationing of meat and bread.

All those who opposed him were considered enemies of the republic, were arrested, imprisoned and tried by a revolutionary tribunal.

CBSE Class XII Board Question Papers - 10 Years Question Paper

If found guilty they were guillotined. The circumstances that helped the middle class in bringing social and economic changes in France in 18th century: The changes introduced by the Bolsheviks after October Revolution 5 a Nationalisation of Bank b Land declared social property c Land distributed among nobility.

Explain any five points. Physical division of Peninsular Plateau: Lies to the north of Narmada river. It covers a major area of the Malwa plateau. It is bound by the Vindhyan range in the south and Aravalis on the north west. The Central Highlands are wider in the west and narrower in the east.

The eastward extensions are locally known as the Baghelkhand, and Chotanagpur. The Deccan plateau is a triangular landmass. It lies to the south of the Narmada river. Satpura range flanks its broad base in the north while Mahadev, the Kaimur and Maikal ranges form its eastern extensions.

It is higher in the west and slopes gently eastwards.

SEARCH THE SITE English is considered to be a scoring paper and an easy one at that. However, to score good marks in English, students need to prepare according to the marking scheme attributed to the various sections in the subject.

Its extension towards northeast, locally known and the Meghalaya as Karbi- Anglon plateau. Democracy is a form of government in which the rulers are elected by the people or any other relevant definition. A democratic government is a better government because it is more accountable to the people. Democracy improves quality of decision making.

Democracy provides a method to deal with differences and conflicts. Democracy enhances the dignity of citizens. We need a constitution because it is the supreme law of a country which not only determines the relationship among the people living in a territory, but also the relationship between the people and the government.The CBSE’s guidelines for curriculum lay down the number of periods to be allotted to each topic in class, and weightage in the question paper.

For Class XII maths, calculus has been allotted 80 periods and 44 marks — the most. Post navigation ← Previous Next → Everything that you wanted to know about CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, and other international syllabi.

question of two marks, one question of three marks and one question of five marks. You have to attempt only one of the choices in such questions. (iii) Question numbers 1 to 5 are very short answer type questions, carrying one mark each.

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