Market research needs

Economist Joseph Schumpeterwho contributed greatly to the study of innovation economicsargued that industries must incessantly revolutionize the economic structure from within, that is innovate with better or more effective processes and products, as well as market distribution, such as the connection from the craft shop to factory. He famously asserted that " creative destruction is the essential fact about capitalism ". Indissatisfied employees of Shockley Semiconductorthe company of Nobel laureate and co-inventor of the transistor William Shockleyleft to form an independent firm, Fairchild Semiconductor.

Market research needs

Less market exposure means less risk. Programs for We have five managed programs. Over time these programs will not move together with the market as they are Market research needs own independent asset class.

Any of our programs will provide diversification to stock, bond or commodity investments that you will not be able to get with standard asset classes, as most asset classes now tend to move together.

All of our programs uses a different level of market exposure so they can balance risk in all but the smallest portfolio.

Each program has different characteristics so that we can match the needs of the risk adverse investor as well as investors seeking high growth. Select Our Investment Programs for Program details and management fees.

Since they use different algorithms and have a different focus they will operate independently from each other, providing true diversification from the market trends. The positions that are shown each day in our comments are the actual positions we have taken for our accounts we tell you that before the trading day starts.

Designed for those investors looking for overall better than market gains with less than market risk. Now in its twelfth year. Does not go short. More traditional approach, but it is only exposed to the market under ideal conditions. Now in its seventh year.

Very Conservative Retirement program. Now in its sixth year. Does not use leverage. For those who can not afford to take large risks, but still want better than money market gains. For investors that can afford risks similar to that expected in the market but are looking to maximize gains over the long term with strong diversification 5: This program was introduced just after the presidential elections.

During more normal market environments this program should greatly outperform the markets in both up and down environments. During disruptive events where abnormal conditions prevail the program could under perform.

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Since it does take advantage of time based diversification the effects of most disruptions should be short lived. It is expected to greatly outperform during times of higher volatility.

Most of the time this program is fully leveraged. The program looks ahead to forecast both the next day and the following few days looking for an advanced trend. As such it does not always trade in the same direction as our other programs.

It is willing to give away more small misses as it follows a trend for the longer term.

Market research needs

The program may stay in one direction a few days longer than the other programs. The overall exposure rate compared to the NDX is about the same as that of our Primary program but it is in the market a little more often with less leverage to both the upside and down side while staying away from reduced leverage.

All of our programs are designed to reduce overall draw-downs, while targeting larger long term gains.


We no longer offer our "Volatility Focused" program. Anticipatory Trend Our proprietary method of trend analysis does not wait for the trend to form but anticipates it.

In early we flushed out the anticipatory trend to make much greater sense of the markets. As a result, on average with an "UP" Trend you should expect a high probability for the markets to go higher, strong, for the next day and then drift higher for the next week. With a "Down" Trend you would expect a high probability for the markets to go lower, strong, for the next day then drift lower over the next next week.ESOMAR is the global voice of the data, research and insights community.

A truly global association, providing ethical and professional guidance and advocating on behalf of our global membership community, since ESOMAR is a not-for-profit organisation that promotes the value of market, opinion and social research and data analytics.

Comprehensive Gaming Intelligence. Get insights ranging from high-level trends to granular data on top titles and the worldwide digital games market.

The Future of Jobs and Jobs Training. As robots, automation and artificial intelligence perform more tasks and there is massive disruption of jobs, experts say a wider array of education and skills-building programs will be created to meet new demands.

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