Royale business presentation video

No quota, no expiration. You will also have your own free website account to monitor all Royale transactions down to your organization, e. Accident insurance worth ,Php.

Royale business presentation video

In order for you to start the Royale Business Club Program, you will need to buy a product package worth P14, You pick what package option you want to buy, they come with the same price of P14, If you want to buy another package it will cost you only P12, These are the 5 package options to choose from for you to start with.

Aside from the 16, worth of products that you will get after you purchase a package, you will also have these Lifetime Privilege as a Full-pledge Royale Distributor.

royale business presentation video

Marketing tools brochure with price list, AVP cd, folders, registration forms, package Bag 3. One 1 year Insurance worth of P, pesos. Royale's Online Tracking Center.

This will serve as your secretary. Privilege to "Refer" other people to do Royale or "Leveraging". On your online account, you can view the people whom you refered and the people that your members referred, that will also join Royale Business Club.

They automatically will be New Distributors under your sales team. All of these privileges may be passed down to whom you choose to be your Beneficiary!! Here are some of the "best of the best" or the fast selling products where you will be overwhelmed by repeat orders from your customers: Kojic Papaya Soap - Best use for oily-face, pimples and acne marks, freckles, etc.

Super fast results that you will feel a a very mild micro-peeling effect after your first use! Performax - For men only.

Royale Business Club Full Presentation (Tagalog) from Joey Bajar on Vimeo. Royalé Business Presentation Royale Business Club Presentation from Joey Bajar on Vimeo. Since Royale is a MLM Network marketing company, sabi po ni Royale for each match or pairing on package purchased in your Team A and Team B Royale, will give you AED as a sales bonus. To explain the projection I attached, ganito po yun. It allows you to watch a short video presentation of each product then when you are decided you can add up all items in one cart by simply clicking on the buy now buttons. Your total amount is automatically computed on the checkout counter.

Highly-recommended, anti-ageing supplement for men, which increases their testosterone level, needed to perform better. Make them strong, alert and physically conditioned for work and activities.

Fiberich - Best use for constipation, You will feel great and very easy when you pea. Good for lowering blood cholesterol levels. Makes your metabolism fast and act like as an internal broom to clean your blood vessels, digestive tract and walls! L-Glutapower Lotion - A very powerful lotion.

It has an instant whitening and smoothening effect within 10 seconds, guaranteed! Very lovely for the girls. USER - Imagine that! You are still earning while using our products, because all of them have equivalent points, all of which are convertible to cash.

You just need to accumulate atleast 75 matching points and Royale will give you 1, pesos instantly in your account!

royale business presentation video

Suggested Retail Price P Sub-dealership - If your busy or not that fortunate at direct selling You can always look for people who can help you sell your products! Now those two people you added to your team, must also add 2 Business Partners each.

Whomever they present to will be added on either their team A or team B, which is also under your organization. I'm one of them. You do not have to do these on your own, you have me and our whole group as business partners in building your own team too because WE know you'd need help, we've been there.

Look at the graph. My friend chances like this don't come some often. What if this kind of chance is the opportunity to change your life and your family? There is nothing to lose but so much to gain to attain your dreams with this life changing opportunity.

Experience Time and Financial Freedom.Photo of Ocean Maya Royale - "Presentation" - Quintana Roo. Play, streaming, watch and download ROYALE STARTER PACKAGE HOW TO EARN? video (), you can convert to mp4, 3gp, m4a for free.

For more info pm me # Pls add me Personal FB A Royale Business Club Full Tagalog Presentation in 14 minutes Royale Redge , Commercial Integrator is dedicated to addressing the technological and business needs of professional integrators who serve the small and midsize business market.

Whether you design, sell, service, or install work on offices, churches, hospitals, schools or restaurants, Commercial Integrator is the dedicated resource you need.

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Royale Food Health Supplements Products - Royale Business Club provides the world's best food supplements online. In our extensive selection, you will find all the products you need.

In our extensive selection, you will find all the products you need. The resonating success of ROYALE is infinite! Royale’s passion of doing business in the most virtuous approach paved a way of garnering one of the acclaimed awards in this central hub of UAE.

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