The contender by robert lipsyte essay writer

He is intelligent, talented and hardworking. He desires to be successful in life and, therefore, stays away from young criminals, like Major.

The contender by robert lipsyte essay writer

Codger, Crone and Cur will enjoy 16 at the table, from the Island and the city and the West Coast, from the ages of 4 to 81, some of them stashed in two extra houses.

No doubt over the weeklong festivities, there will be talk about the future, including the dread and despair this month has brought, and Codger, not the oldest but surely feeling the most patriarchal, will feel compelled to moderate, pontificate and offer hope.

He will probably quote frequently from his father, the Original Codger, who died a dozen years ago atmoderating, pontificating and offering hope to the very end, often at his own Thanksgivings.

As a teacher, he watched his profession ravaged by McCarthyism. His own father died in the flu epidemic of His wife, a grandchild and all his friends died before he did. His most consistent values, which he tried to pass on, were skepticism and social justice.

If the unsinkable Titanic could go down, he decided, how could you ever again put blind faith in the officials who misspoke with such authority?

the contender by robert lipsyte essay writer

He worked mostly at schools in poor, minority neighborhoods where he dealt with inequality, racism, sexism. He came to believe that all people had the responsibility to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps, but it was the responsibility of a just society to be sure everyone began with a pair of boots.

Codger still misses the Original Codger and tries to channel him, especially in times as dangerous as these.

They lobbied politicians, wrote letters to the editor, started a newsletter, demonstrated. They often conceded that they were preaching to the choir, but thought it essential to keep the choir brave.


Regrouping, of course, is what Thanksgiving is all about, people folding back into their tribes for support and renewal and love. Crone reminds all not to forget frequent hugs, Cur not to forget frequent treats.

Resetting was a big word in sports this year.

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It was former President Nixon, after all, who famously said that by hating you destroy yourself. This is a good time to take deep breaths on Shell Beach, hike Mashomack and get back to the Fitness Center, not only to block out the continuing assault of nasty news but to get in shape for the struggle to come.

Resistance to a potentially dark age needs to be approached carefully and incrementally. The malice and divisiveness nurtured by the election was always there.

It needs to be weeded out from the roots. For starters, think locally about the issues that mean the most to you, and dig in, whether that means donating more money and time to groups fighting for equality and justice or organizing for elections to come.


The most apocalyptic disaster approaching is the effects of climate change; the resistance begins by supporting Town Board members behind such environmental issues as water quality.

Is There Any Hope? Whereas boys used to lag behind girls in reading in the early grades, statistics show, they soon caught up.

We guys had mixed feelings about the game plan: But while this certainly posed a problem for us male writers, we felt that we were being treated as a sideshow. And so we turned from men into boys. It was Us vs.

This is exactly what boys do, in the classroom and in the library, as well as in the clubhouse. This is what turns boys into readers. Given the rich variety in young adult fiction available today, this might seem easy.

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Boys gravitate toward nonfiction. Schools favor classics over contemporary fiction to satisfy testing standards and avoid challenges from parents. All true, in my opinion. There are other theories. On his Web site, guysread.

the contender by robert lipsyte essay writer

At the A. Naturally, authors are writing for this ready group.


Their novels are bought by female editors, stocked by female librarians and taught by female teachers. The books that Sam read differed from the current crop in one significant way: Others wrote under the guise of asexual initials: Hinton "The Outsiders" and M.

The better male writers also wrote about both boys and girls: But the next spate of Y.May 09,  · Free Study Guide for The Contender by Robert Lipsyte Free BookNotes Previous Page | Table of Contents | Next Page Downloadable / Printable Version THE CONTENDER BY ROBERT LIPSYTE - FREE STUDY GUIDE CONFLICT Protagonist.

Alfred Brooks is the protagonist of the novel. He is intelligent, talented and hardworking. This acclaimed novel by celebrated sportswriter Robert Lipsyte, the recipient of the Margaret A.

Edwards Award for lifetime achievement in YA fiction, is the story of a young boxer in Harlem who overcomes hardships and finds hope in the ring on his path to becoming a contender.

Robert Lipsyte. Summary Tips for Writing a Literary Analysis Essay. Sometimes Lipsyte chooses metaphor Essential to a full appreciation of The Contender is an understanding of Lipsyte.

A Ford Foundation program allowed Lipsyte to skip his senior year at Forest Hills High School in Que. by robert lipsyte At an American Library Association conference in , HarperCollins dressed five of its male young adult authors in blue baseball jerseys with our names on the back and sent us up to bat in a panel entitled “In the Clubhouse.”.

Essay. How America Invented ‘Young Adult’ Fiction for a New Kind of Teenager S. E. Hinton’s The Outsiders and Robert Lipsyte’s The Contender. Oklahoma; those of her equally innovative fellow author Robert Lipsyte were in New York City.

Written by Robert Lipsyte, The Contender, a realistic young adult novel about friendship and the burdens of growing up among friends with problems, presents a modern story of moral hero is confronted with a deteriorating, dangerous neighborhood, and he must make life-altering decisions that may very well determine if he survives or not.

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