The men master thesis tourismus studium

The program consists of 10 modules and a master thesis.

The men master thesis tourismus studium

The funding structure is as follows: The MCI has accreditation to provide university of applied science study programs pursuant to Art.

Kapuzinergasse 9 Being part of the Open University Innsbruck concept, MCI and the Innsbruck University share infrastructure like lecture rooms, laboratories, sports facilities and cafeterias.

Students at the MCI can also take advantage of the option to spend a semester at one its partner universities around the world. Double-degree and joint-degree programs are also offered in collaboration with a current total of eight partner universities.

Doctorate[ edit ] A cooperation agreement between the University of Innsbruck and the MCI provides for closer cooperation between the two organizations with regard to doctoral programs. Executive Certificate Courses[ edit ] [6] Credits obtained for an Executive Certificate program are recognized for the above postgraduate Master study programs.

Students who complete specific combinations of several certificate programs and write a final thesis to an appropriate academic standard Master thesis can be admitted to the academic degree of an MBA, MSc or LL.

Partner universities[ edit ] The MCI collaborates with about partner universities, [7] where students can spend one or more semesters of their study program. Worldwide, only five percent of business schools have been awarded this prestigious seal of quality.

the men master thesis tourismus studium

Registered as a non-profit foundation under Swiss law and headquartered in Bonn, FIBAA operates as a European accreditation agency offering additional national accreditation.

FIBAA awards its Premium Seal exclusively to degree programs with an outstanding standard of excellence that is far in excess of normal accreditation requirements.

The two labels were renewed by the Commission in The language center of MCI presents students a broad range of supplementary language courses e. Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish and assists in developing and refining academic writing skills.The Master of Science (MSc) in International Tourism Management (ITM) graduate program prepares students to best address the future needs of the global tourism industry.

The program focuses on leadership and management specifically relevant to hospitality-related companies, tourism marketing, tourism planning organizations, and policy makers. Bern-Fribourg Master in Earth Sciences > curriculum > master thesis (module d) > details Search | Contact & Map | DE | FR Bern-Fribourg Master in Earth Sciences.

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MCI Management Center Innsbruck is a privately organized business school in Innsbruck, Austria, % "Träger-Verein Tourismus" (Master thesis) can be admitted to the academic degree of an MBA, MSc or LL.M.

Partner universities. Courses and number of credits: Introduction to Service Management (7,5), Introduction to Tourism Studies (7,5), Managing Service Organisations (7,5),Philosophy of Science (7,5),Methods in Social Sciences (15), Destination Development and Marketing (15), Eligible Course(s)(15), Value Creation and Innovation in Tourism (15), Master’s Thesis (30).

Master thesis programmes. On the first day of term all information and forms are available for download on the German website.

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