The world without us

And yet, there are presences that every literary text seems to require: To imagine the word or the world without us as witnesses is an almost impossible exercise.

The world without us

There was a problem adding your email address. Disaster movies have depicted the State of Liberty poking out from the ground and empty cities overgrown with trees and vines, but what would really happen if, for one reason or another, every single one of us vanished from the planet?

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There are no shocks here—nature goes on. But it is unsettling to observe the processes. Drawing on interviews with architects, biologists, engineers, physicists, wildlife managers, archaeologists, extinction experts and many others willing to conjecture, Weisman shows how underground water would destroy city streets, lightning would set fires, moisture and animals would turn temperate-zone suburbs into forests in years and nuclear plants would overheat and burn or melt.

Many of his lessons come from past developments, such as the sudden disappearance of the Maya 1, years ago and the evolution of animals and humans in Africa. Bridges will fall, subways near fault lines in New York and San Francisco will cave in, glaciers will wipe away much of the built world and scavengers will clean our human bones within a few months.

In Hawaii, lacking predators, cows and pigs will rule. Weisman quietly unfolds his sobering cautionary tale, allowing us to conclude what we may about the balancing act that nature and humans need to maintain to survive.The World Without Us Atmospheric, elegiac and gripping, The World Without Us is a beautifully told story of secrets and survival, family .

Without pumping, New York City’s subways will impassably fl ood. 7 days: The emergency fuel supply to diesel generators, which circulate cooling water to nuclear reactor cores, will run out. 1 year: Worldwide, a billion annually THE WORLD WITHOUT US.

The world without us

Created Date. 1-Sentence-Summary: The World Without Us imagines planet earth without us humans, detailing what will happen to nature and man-made creations long after we’re gone. Alan Weisman is worried about our future too.

The world without us

With the help of his thought experiment in The World Without Us, we can draw some. But in posing and attempting to answer the question, The World Without Us provides an intriguing and informative look at the way we impact the world around us, and the effects and life cycles of.

If humankind were to vanish, what would be left?

Jul 23,  · Taiwan Foreign Minister Joesph Wu tells CNN's Matt Rivers that without continuing US military support, Taiwan would be vulnerable to . The World Without Us If a virulent virus—or even the Rapture—depopulated Earth overnight, how long before all trace of humankind vanished?

That's the provocative, and occasionally puckish, question posed by Weisman (An Echo in My Blood) in this imaginative hybrid of .

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