Types of co workers

Do any of these types of people sound familiar? The Chatterbox This person is great at starting up a conversation—and keeping it going for too long. She might also be a frequent gossiper, constantly talking about other co-workers, your supervisor, customers, clients, etc. Let him or her know that you need to get back to work.

Types of co workers

David Butcher Jul 07, An article about 13 types of irritating coworkers received sky-high readership in our last issue. Yet one reader noted the benefits of positive reinforcement. To that end, here are 13 types of coworkers we like. In no particular order, some of the types of coworkers we like: The Positive Coworker The positive attitude of a coworker who stares into the troubling depths of today's business environment, then thinks of ways it might not be as dreadful as it looks, can be contagious.

The atmosphere, team spirit and productivity of a workplace can benefit from creative workers' ability to see the unseen advantages of today's work environment.

Plus, it's always nice when any non-creepy coworker smiles at you. There is not enough genuine inter-worker smiling going on these days. The Party Planner While workplace parties can sometimes be dull, it helps morale to have good work acknowledged.

Types of co workers

Plus, even a dull party is a brief respite from the daily grind. Once the workplace party takes place, it is often up to The Party Planner to keep it light.

It's a thankless job for one of the coworkers we like.

Types of co workers

The Team Player By definition, a team is a group of disparate individuals working together. Yet the frustrating reality is that there always seems to be one team member who is content to let everyone else do the work.

Also important is The Team Leader, who establishes a shared vision and strengthens the commitment of all team members. The Baker There always seems to be a coworker who brings in sweets or freshly baked goods: Though this may not help the department's collective waistline, the act is hugely thoughtful and often criminally under-appreciated.

For those of us who often work through lunch, The Workplace Baker keeps us from going hungry in the afternoon. We also like The Brewer, who immediately endears him- or herself to us by providing coffee for the group. The Volunteer To-do lists are getting longer and free time is getting rarer, so it's understandable that fewer coworkers are offering to lend a hand or give an extra hour to help you out.

What Type Of Co-Worker Are You?

Even if it's not in his or her job description, The Volunteer offers to offload basic tasks to help lighten your workload because his or her own workload is low.

The prideful may not accept your offer, Volunteer coworker, but your heart's in the right place. The Joker It has been well documented that humor and laughter can help reduce stress, strengthen morale, build camaraderie and, in general, be a positive influence.

In fact, research has shown that people who have fun at work are more creative, more productive, work better with others and call in sick less often. The thing is, we spend at least eight hours a day with our coworkers.

Even the most serious person needs some fun. So, thank you, Joker coworker, for lightening the workplace with your minor hijinks and brazen pranks. The Modest Expert Related to The Know-It-All, The Modest Expert always knows which formula works best for which problem, but he or she never has a smug or arrogant attitude about it when you ask for input or assistance.

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We all have our limitations of proficiency, but we don't need to feel stupid when a particular problem happens to fall outside of our area of expertise. The Teflon Worker Everything bad now seems to have a flip side: Same goes for The Teflon Coworker, to whom nothing sticks. Regardless of how quickly this coworker screws up, he or she manages to repel the blame even quicker.

Makes a mistake but manages to let a tactless boss' criticism slide right off while learning from the mistake, of course. We like the second one.

6 Co-Workers Who Could Sabotage Your Career

The Casual Friday Hawaiian-Shirt Wearer We can't help but smile at the chutzpah of the coworker who still takes full advantage of Casual Friday by wearing a Hawaiian shirt. The Tried and True This employee fits the ideal corporate profile: No one has to worry if The Tried and True coworker will deliver the goods, whether he or she is working on a team or independently.

It is a foregone conclusion that this reliable, dependable person will do the job he or she is supposed to do, every time, on time, and right.A simple touch of colour followed by a sweet phrase- Bura Na Mano, Holi Hai- does the trick!

While the festival is the epitome of fun, it’s the after-effects that are funnier. As you reminisce about yesterday’s celebrations and enjoy your long weekend, here is a list of your dear co-workers who you’ll definitely encounter on Monday morning To a co-worker’s face, this employee acts like a trusted friend or colleague.

However, when the co-worker is out of earshot, this person will destroy his colleague’s reputation, stab him in the back and even take credit for his work. Difficult coworkers come in all shapes and sizes.

Offenses can range from mildly annoying (like repeatedly stinking up the office by heating fishy leftovers in the microwave) to downright deplorable (such as taking credit for a teammate’s work). The workplace is filled with a host of different types of people, but every office has a few signature characters that will undoubtedly be present no matter where you work.

From the slacker to the workaholic to the complainer and everything in between, almost everyone falls into some type of co.

Few days ago I have posted the different types of co-workers you might meet in your nurse station. If you haven’t had enough of that we have more for you on this second part. Today, we shall explore the other types of employees you might encounter in the station or the workplace. Here are ten types of shitty coworkers and how to deal with them—in gifs, of course, because gifs are the best medicine.

Enjoy, and leave your own in the comments. 1.

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