Writing about fairy tales

Teaching with Folklore In this teacher-focused site, "folklore" is broken up into the categories of "fables", "legends", "myths", "tales" and "religious". In each category, the author has compiled links to sites that provide classroom activities, lesson plans, and cross curricular extensions in these areas.

Writing about fairy tales

Search Fairy Tales by Grimm: The article describes how Grimms' fairy tales can inspire language arts and social studies activities in the classroom. It was their research as linguists that first led the Grimm brothers to listen to and record the stories, and a desire to preserve the German oral tradition that led them to publish the stories.

Still, the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm are beloved throughout the world, and with the right lesson plans and tools, can be a valuable addition to language arts and social studies classes. Take a look at some of the Web sites below for classroom activities, information on the Grimm brothers, and other resources for teaching fairy tales and folklore.

For another fun creative writing activity, have students re-write a classic fairy tale to take place in a modern setting. Students are challenged to think about ethics as they read several different popular fairy tales in this lesson from EducationWorld. Branch out from the well-known European fairy tales and study the folklore and fairy tales of other cultures.

EDSITEment suggests exploring common themes found in fairy tales around the world or studying the iconic characters of Russian fairy tales. The new TV show Grimm is loosely based on the fairy tales.

The Common Core State Standards stress the importance of having students compare and contrast film versions to texts.Writing fairy tales is easy if you follow simple step-by-step plan.

As internationally published author with numerous rewards I can tell you how to write a fairy tale, but an inspiration is up to you. Fairy tales are about polar opposites and this is carried through in all the story elements. Apply these concepts while you write, watch the magic happen, and when the royalties start rolling in, you can live happily ever after.

AS Byatt draws frequently on the themes and imagery of fairytales for her work.

writing about fairy tales

In an essay from Pretext magazine, Sarah Gooderson explores the role of the fairytale in a selection of Byatt's. A. Abducted by timberdesignmag.com aliens in these legends are not men from outer space but the underground folk: fairies, trolls, elves, and the like. The Recovered Bride (Ireland).

writing about fairy tales

A fairy tale themed narrative writing teaching pack containing 8 worksheets and posters. Fiction / Fantasy / Fairy Tale Writing: Ideas and resources for teaching students how to write made-up stories (fiction, fantasy, and fairy tales).

These lessons will help your K-2 students organize their writing and get creative with their stories! Fiction / Fantasy / Fairy Tale Writing.

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